• High-speed Latest..

    1, the machine is used for upper ends, using steam spray and infrared radiation..

  • Factory assembly ..

    Unique appearance design, oven according to different free mobile shoes, proces..

  • After the machine..

    Help nail 2 the use of very simple3 fast changing working procedure

  • Heel shaping mach..

    The machine adopts touch design interface, the interface of according to the ne..

  • Factory assembly ..

    Main features: 1 efficient automatic transportation line; The 2 seamless belt..

  • Vamp steaming mac..

    Whole plant planning, design. To provide efficient, high quality factory for cu..

  • Upper secondary s..

    FEATURES 01.Integrated with three main functions, it is used for crimping mold..

  • Powder machine RS..

    It is uesd for cooling and coating with titanium powder for the laces and strip..

  • Automatic Drying ..

    standing aerial basket cooling channel takes advantage of workshop space saving..

  • Aerial Basket Hea..

    FEATURES 01 RS-745J Standing aerial basket heating channel takes advantage o..

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Dongguan Rong Sheng shoes Machinery Co. Ltd

Dongguan Rong Sheng Shoemaking Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the main business is: to help customers for the whole plant planning, design.
Dongguan Rong Sheng Shoemaking Machinery Co., Ltd. the main business products are: "Rong Sheng" brand series of products pipeline.

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