Bingzhe "pursuit of 100 percent customer satisfaction" principle of service, our company over the years to continuously improve the service system, efforts to improve the quality of service, therefore, our company established in accordance with the ISO9001 quality of service standards, service system, improve the full range of services for users.

Composition of my company's service system is mainly composed of a customer service call center, project management department, engineering department and other departments. In this project, our company according to the actual situation of the user, we will set up a special project team, in personnel and technology to givemaximum support and guarantee for this project.


1 the equipment fault maintenance

When the equipment problems, diagnosis, analysis of the problems, and solve problems.

2 advisory services

Provide free technical advice and other technical support services for users. Including technical guidance of equipment management, assist the customer to a backup plan,improve the working log, computer system, a code of conduct.

3 high speed, high quality service

We assume a year free maintenance to the equipment provided

4 tracking service

Our company has established the active tracking service system, even if the user does not call for repair, we assign the regular inspection tour service, to nip in the bud, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.


1 equipment before the development of technical training services

In order to make the party a technical and management personnel have a macroconcept of equipment, our company has established the technical training services,technical characteristics of principle and production equipment for the introduction and training.

2 technical training services

In order to make the party a technical personnel to get familiar with the installation and debugging technology, our company in the installation of equipment debugging process, began to be responsible for training 3~4 the Party A equipment operationand management personnel, so that once the completion of the equipment operationmanagement, Party A can be independent post operation.

3 the equipment after the completion of the detailed technical training

After completion of training equipment, again 2~3 equipment operation technology and management personnel, so that they not only further familiar with the equipment operation, and be familiar with the maintenance and technical equipment. The main purpose of service and technology to the long-term interests of customers, but also tomake the equipment more stable operation, in order to reduce the management costof customers and repair costs.