Pay attention to 4 problems in operation, help you better operation setting machine!

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1, setting machine exhaust gas purification equipment also exist to varying degrees ofsecurity risks, because the filter cleaning is not timely, oil condensate pipe blocked,electrostatic ignition and other reasons, setting machine overheating, fire andexplosion accidents. In addition, stereotypes machine exhaust gas containing highhumidity, moisture condensation in high-voltage insulator, resulting in electrostatic field because of "creeping" phenomenon and the failure of normal operation, also affect the equipment.

2, setting machine in the process of operation, under the condition of high temperature processing of the flammable fabrics, itself has some hidden trouble of fire accident. Therefore, we must pay attention to some matters, to eliminate hidden dangers.

3, setting machine exhaust gas containing large quantities of flammable oil mist particles and fiber particles, easy in the pipeline and the purification equipment ofdeposition, blocking air flow. For exhaust gas purification using electrostatic dust removal technology, soot particles in the electrode deposited on a grease, probably due to the electrostatic field is not uniform and lead to "fire" phenomenon, cause fireaccident.

4, setting machine equipment manufacturing and installation is not standardized,maintenance is not timely, the operator is not strict training, safety awareness is not in place and enterprise operation management responsibility is not implemented, will influence the operation effect of waste gas treatment equipment.