Shoemaking machinery must know what knowledge?

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     Made of cardboard are reliable quality? Used to do leather shoes insole with pig,cattle insole leather processed. Now the natural leather resource is reduced. Thealternative materials to replace some natural materials. Such as paperboard for shoesat home and abroad are widely used. Good quality paperboard for shoeshygroscopicity, permeability, flex, interlaminar strength, tear resistance, dimensional stability can meet the use requirements. Such as wear after paperboard fracture,shrinkage, play hard, stratification are unqualified. The steam sprayer, spray wash theupper, and rapid heating, drying. The vacuum setting massage shoe. The various parts of the temperature setting, can according to toe, heel, the different materials to regulate different temperature, and the treated shoes streamlined appearance state,perfect, good shape. The track roller conveying distance running, improve the stabilityand service life of the machine, but also reduces the cost of the loss. The rotary circulating conveyor belt, save time, improve the productivity and stability of productquality. Dongguan Xing Yang Machinery Manufacturing Co., maintenance of equipment to achieve the following points:: oil, gas, timely lubrication lubricationapparatus complete. Equipment cleaning: clean inside and outside, the sliding surfacewithout black grease.