Shoemaking machinery must know what knowledge?

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1 failure phenomena: things will be drawing roller

Cause: rubber roller temperature is not enough; compound CPS excessive discomfortthe machine operation

Exclude: reset high roller temperature; glue machine for applicable models

2 failure phenomenon: the glue storage barrels altar melt and yellows and carbonization

Cause: the roller temperature is too high; coating time is too long; long rubber; rubberantioxidant ageing ability

Exclude: reset roller temperature with continuous wire shall prevail; intermittent stopcoated hot melt adhesive material of gravity type operation

3 fault phenomenon: glue glue will be involved in the glue storage groove

Cause: the oblique iron and glue roller clearance is too large; rubber rollertemperature; the work material is too thin is not applicable roller coating

Exclusion method: using cross screwdriver to adjust the clearance for the best;moderate high temperature glue roller; we should stop using selective spraying type

4 failure phenomena: material coating will to rewind into silicon roller

Cause: silica gel wheel has pasted into the hot melt adhesive is not clear; the workmaterial above has been coated with hot melt adhesive or other self adhesive

Exclusion: stop immediately, with kerosene or white mineral oil clean, and then.Because the glue stick silicon rubber produce instant rollback phenomenon cannot two glue with viscose work.

5 failure phenomenon: the wheel stuck not working

Cause: Bearing long-term not gas burned; cloth scraps and sundries long-termplugging into the gum groove blocked, roller resistance to excessive load leads tomotor burn out the motor

Exclude: replacement of bearings; Changqing wash glue storage groove; strictly according to the operation procedures; burn out the motor surprise overhaulresponsibility