Factory assembly line

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Main features:

1 unique appearance design, oven according to different free mobile shoes, processvariable, four section temperature control;

2 infrared radiation - make glue penetration into the upper and the bottom, the attaching effect stronger uniform;

3 fast - oven at normal temperature is raised to the working temperature of 65 DEG Cfor about 5 minutes;

4 double deck design - can be separated from the head and bottom temperature;

5 constant temperature and hot air convection design --- the oven temperature uniformity without temperature difference;

6 rapid cooling conveyor belt, shoes, quickly bottom good shoe is transmitted to thesole operator;

The 7 bottom box - to maintain a certain temperature to bottom, to ensure the bestfitting effect at the bottom;

8 temperature controller adopted PID temperature control, precise control of oven temperature, so that the bottom of shoe glue drying more stable;

9 energy saving design - oven controlled by SCR (thyristor power controller) control,when up to constant temperature, reduce the use of power 65%;

10 conveyor belt adopt microcomputer control, can accurately control the speed, and to achieve energy saving, low noise of the.