Heel shaping machine

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01 the machine adopts touch design interface, the interface of according to the needs of each section click on the machine parameter setting, the operation is convenient and quick.

02 hot mould part adopts upper and lower mould independent temperature control,according to the actual material set different temperature, make the vamp more.

03 cold die clamp can vamp is different, arbitrary adjustment

04 cold die die by using balloon with shaping cutter is suitable for all kinds of shoe upper, upper die is used in rotary die, before and after the adjustment is more convenient, and applicable to any type of shoes.

05 the machine electric heating the use of special materials, durable.

The 06 gas source, path: "accurate" "excess" environmental protection and energy saving, stable action.

07 equipped with infrared cross projector, accurate positioning, speed.

08 this machine adopts cycle refrigeration system, cooling speed, energy saving.