Infrared bottom line (type RS-997B)

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01.Unique appearance and movable dryer for different shoe models.

02.Infra-Red Illumination It enhances better joint to your upper

and sold.

03.Rapid Heating-The temperature can be rapidly raised to 65℃

(working temperature)in 5 minutes.

04.Double Layers Design It lets you can adjust temperature for

both last and sole separately.

05.Heat-Wind Convection System-It ensures the temperature

inside the oven being stable and precise.

06.Fast Transmission Conveyor -It directly deliver the sole-pasted

shoes to the operator of sole-attaching machine, in order to

maintain temperature of shoes.

07.A thermostat is equipped to ensure best result for sole-pasting


08.The temperature is controlled by P.I.D. which ensures stable

and precise temperature inside the over, thus, providing, better

result of cement-dryling.

09.Energy-Saving Feature. The heating device of oven is controlled

by S.C.R.,which while reach target temperature, the electric

usage may be down to 35%.

10.A micro-computer is equipped to precisely control the transmission

speed of RS-997DJ,and it is also has advantages of energy-

saving and noise reducing.