RS-513B Automatic Oil Universal Press

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1.Each pair of pressing-bars is pressure-conneced.The feature of this design is to process automatic-adjusement of pressure in order to provide the best pressing force on lasts.

2.A  complete hydraulic system is adopted on this machine to assure enough pressure and a firm joint.

3.Sole-pressing,side-pressing,toe heel forming can be processed synchronously or separately.Therefor,the machine is applicable for flat base,serging and special serging design shoes.It creates high efficiency.

4.A special design of compact multi-oil cylinder is prefect for irregular shoe side and produces an even side-presseffect free of dead angle.

5.Pressure-connection of 2 pressing-bars makes pressure even to the outsole and without void Also,with automatic pressing-bar locating system,shoes can be in /out easiley,these features enable this machine can be applicable for not only common shoes,but also boots or semi boos.

6.This machine adopts advantages of maintenance,easy parts-replacing,time-saving and high efficiency.