After the new automatic guitar with the help of RS-727A

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    1.this machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general and soft midsoles and with the heels at the height less than 18mm
    2.This machine is equipped with the lasting height micro switch, which machine easily adjusted and finds position accurately
    3.We have full sizes of wipers and forming bands. Whic fit and shapes of shoes. The fo rming bands are wrapped by chain and can accordingly produce a good forming effect.
    4.The machine uses lead screw, nut and steel ball for position-limit design. It can a djust the assistant table quickly and accurately.
    5.The second time and pressing of the last supporter works with the wiper-heating device to increase the lasting effect. It smoothes the lasting areas an upgrade the quality of the shoes.
    6.Spcial design of rising oilway of shoe tree holder controls completely the set position in the course of upper-binding.