Backpart moulding machine RS-668

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        1.normal toe pre-moulding is moulded into stitch down shoes.'s suitable for moulding of toe puffs made of different materials 
        3.for hot moulding, upper and lower moulds can be heated simultaneously to soften vamp for better jointing 
        4.for cold mould clamp,teflon band and toe mould are combined to use, which can achieve a perfect moulding.
        5.the last toe is made of teflon band based on that offered by customers with a high precoision 
       6.the hot mould of the machine containa steam system which will make the vamp flexible and lustrous.
       7.the adoption of environment-friendly freezing system features high speed and good result with freezing temperature up to -30°C.
       8.after moulding, the liner, rubber sheet and vamp are closely jointed without crinking, deformation and bubbling.
    (rubber sheet downward pressing action mode)