High-speed Latest Vacuum Vulcaniaing machingRS-745BZ

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Main features:

1, the machine is used for upper ends, using steam spray and infrared radiation, high efficiency for surface drying stereotypes to achieve style result. Then the vacuum type massage shoes machine.

2, adopting infrared radiation heating, can penetrate shoes inside type shoes to shape

Three, use the vacuum the vamp and XuanTou more identical, flexible adjustment paragraphs processing time, make the treatment shoes quality is better

4, adopt the automatic cycle conveyor belt, the conveyor belt is the regulatory switch control may be based on customer demand autonomic regulation, save time, improve efficiency and stable product quality

5, the heat sealed, the constant temperature box basketball stable treatment effect, to reduce the heat loss, save electricity, reduce the production cost

6, relatively small volume, cover an area of the space is little, Rong unique sound design convection principle, to make the machine low noise

7, this machine is equipped with safety device to use more secure more reliable.