Vulcanizing pot

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1. Heating mode: boiler steam heating, electric heating, indirect steam heating, heat transfer oil heating, microwave heating, electromagnetic heating, all kinds of heating modes can be selected by customers according to product requirements.
2. Door opening mode: manual quick opening (manually turn the hand wheel to open the tank door. Low failure rate, convenient and fast)
Electric door opening (use motor to rotate flange to open and close the tank door without manual operation)
Air cylinder door opening (air compressor is used to supply air to the tank door, and air cylinder is used to rotate the flange, which is convenient and fast without manual operation)
Hydraulic automatic door opening (oil cylinder and hydraulic station are used to open and close the tank door without manual operation).
3. Sealing method of tank door: inflatable silicone sealing ring is adopted, the sealing effect is obviously better than other methods, and the service life is more than 1 year.
4. Safety interlock mode of tank door: (1) pressure automatic safety interlock (2) manual safety interlock, completely solving the safety hidden danger caused by workers' misoperation.
5. Control mode: (1) 9 processes can be stored by using intelligent computer automatic control (automatic temperature rise, automatic temperature control, automatic pressure maintaining and automatic pressure relief). Each process is divided into eight stages of temperature rise and heat preservation. After the machine is started, it does not need to be controlled, which saves more than 35% of labor compared with traditional manual control.