Internal mixer

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The rotor of the machine is elliptical shear type. The working surface of the rotor and the mixing tank of the mixing chamber are overlaid with wear-resistant hard alloy. After polishing, hard chromium is plated and polished. The surface of the mixing chamber and the top bolt are plated with hard chromium, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. The rotor, mixing chamber and top bolt all adopt circulation channel structure to realize the circulation of heat conduction medium. According to different production process requirements, materials can be heated and cooled by steam and cooling water. The rotor adopts high-quality railway shaft material, with overall structure, large transmission power, and supported by rolling bearing, which is convenient for maintenance and long service life. The transmission device adopts horizontal reducer with hard tooth surface, which has compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise and convenient maintenance. This machine uses the mixing chamber to turn over and unload materials, and it can be divided into mechanical turning and hydraulic turning for customers to choose. The electrical system uses conventional electrical appliances, the main components are imported components, and the use effect is stable.