Open mixer

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1. Specification Ø 18 ", primary feeding 80-100kg, main motor power: 55kW
2. Increase the diameter and length of the roller, effectively increase the hardness and wear-resistant layer and working length. The surface hardness is 68-75 degrees, high strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are good, and the service life is long. Hollow roller and inner hole processing ensure uniform wall thickness, good thermal conductivity and cooling effect.
3. Manual distance adjustment of roll distance, optional oil pressure, mechanical and manual connecting rod.
4. Cooling mode: rotary joint forced cooling or water horn cooling, precise adjustment of roller temperature.
5. It adopts double row self-aligning heavy load rolling bearing, no oil leakage, energy saving, low noise, stable transmission and convenient maintenance.
6. Transmission system gearbox: the front axle is HT250 type three-stage deceleration, four-stage hard tooth surface horizontal reducer, speed ratio gear differential transmission, small sound, large torque, and equipped with cooling device to ensure the working effect and service life of the reducer.
7. The main components are imported, and the main contactor is Taiwan Taian TECO brand, with good stability.
8. The circulating lubrication system solves the problem of oil leakage in the production process. Its characteristics are: easy to maintain, easy to replace, improve the quality of the machine, not easy to produce chemical reactions.
9. Precise overload detection and protection configuration, longer service life.
10. Four position emergency stop and reverse button, unique stop and reverse, to maximize the safety of the machine and personal.
11. The substructure structure is made of Q235 carbon steel through casting and heat treatment.
12. Installation size: 4558 * 1900 * 1700 mm