Production line

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1. Adopt modular combination, refer to 3C industry production mode, including sulfur adding, liquid medicine brushing, glue brushing, drying, bonding and pressing, and freeze setting process.
2. Operators operate unilaterally, convenient for management
3. The machine is equipped with a photocatalyst plasma decomposition system to centrally filter the waste gas, and the exhaust function is more in line with the environmental protection requirements and energy saving.
4. NIR near infrared oven is used, with temperature fluctuation range of ± 3 ℃ and energy fluctuation range of ± 3%
5. In line with the concept of industry 4.0, the three-color warning light (red / yellow / green) level disconnection detection system can clearly display the work, maintenance and production status of each machine, which is convenient for visual management.
6. Adopt subsection control and bus control principle
7. Intelligent design, data operation status, online monitoring, rapid query of problem points