Finalize the design the whole flat series

Qutomatic heel molding machine RS-621B
Qutomatic heel molding ma..
Automatie toe part hammering machine RS-621A
Automatie toe part hammer..
RS—258 Shoe throat molding machine
RS—258 Shoe throat moldi..
Backpart moulding machine RS-668
Backpart moulding machine..
Vpper hammering machine RS-596
Vpper hammering machine R..
Heel counter activation machine RS-226
Heel counter activation m..
Automatic upper molding machine RS-512
Automatic upper molding m..
Semi-automatic tineng attaching machine RS-658
Semi-automatic tineng att..
Small Heat Presses Machine RS-208
Small Heat Presses Machin..
Backpart Heating Machine RS-218
Backpart Heating Machine ..